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A simple NodeJS cache server to sit in between local dev and remote environments.

Setup Instructions

  1. Clone repo to your server
  2. Edit example-config.json as required and save as config.json
  3. Run using sudo node app.js or setup an upstart conf file to run as a service in ubuntu, see cache-server.conf

Once the cache server is running you can use it by proxying requests to your local dev sites into the cache server.

For example in Apache you can use:

ProxyPass           /
ProxyPassReverse    /

You might like to only do this with certain folders though, or at least not do it with JS and CSS folders so you can work locally on these files.

Config file

You can use the placeholder {server_name} with your config file to automatically insert the host name for use with multiple websites like so:

    "cacheBase": "/data/httpd/{server_name}/cache",
    "remoteServer": "http://int.{server_name}",
    "serverPort": 8888

The config file contains three settings:

  • cacheBase - the folder you wish to cache files to.
  • remoteServer - the URL of the remote server to load pages from
  • serverPort - the port the