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OSM Change monitoring tools

Changemonger is a tool to allow humans to monitor and understand changes that occur in OpenStreetMap (or API compatible) datasets.

Changemonger provides several services to this end, including a web frontend and a simple, RESTful API to deliver data to users.


For most users of this service, installation is unnecessary and they should use RESTful API calls to make their requests.

For those of you wishing to actually install and run this program locally, this program is a standard Python app. It is highly recommended that you use virtualenv to manage the installation, create a virtual environment and, from there, just run

pip install -r requirements.txt

to install the dependencies.

To run the web application, simply run with Python, or as a WSGI application under your web server of choice.


This program is covered under the Affero GNU General Public License version 3 or above as described in the LICENSE file enclosed with the source code

The exception to this are the configuration files under the features directory, including the file, which contains additional instructions for matching configuration. Modifications beyond simple configuration shall be covered under the AGPL no matter what filename/directory they reside in.

OSM Data and Terms of Use

While this program is covered under the AGPLv3, the data it returns (though modified through Changemonger) is subject to the terms and licenses of the data source.

In addition, users of this program should be aware that mis-use of this program could easily run you afoul of OpenStreetMap Terms of Use. Please refer to them when deploying this application, or better yet, deploy it only against an API server that you either control or have a contractual relationship to use.