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Open Photo API / Import companion for export- tools

OpenPhoto, a photo service for the masses


This tool processes the files generated from the export-* tools such as export-flickr (repository on GitHub).

Running an export tool

Before you run an import you'll have to first run an export. If you haven't done this already pick the appropriate one below.

Getting dependencies

The only dependency you need the openphoto module (repository on Github).

git clone git://
cd openphoto-python
sudo python install
# you can leave this directory now that it's been installed
cd ..

Downloading the script

Using git

git clone

Using wget

mkdir export-flickr
wget -O import/ --no-check-certificate

Using file->save

Click the link below and save the file into a directory named import.

Running the script

Start a terminal and enter the following.

cd import
# assuming you ran the export script from flickr copy the fetched files into this repository
cp -R ../export-flickr/fetched ./
python --consumer-key=****** --consumer-secret=****** --token=****** --token-secret=******

Now the script will start processing your files.

Found a total of 6 files to process
Processing 1 of 6 6065502023.json ... OK
Processing 2 of 6 6109694637.json ... OK
Processing 3 of 6 6109694841.json ... OK
Processing 4 of 6 6109695003.json ... OK
Processing 5 of 6 6110240222.json ... OK
Processing 6 of 6 6110240318.json ... OK
Results. Processed: 6. Errored: 0.

The last line shows how many were processed and how many errors there were. If you quit the script while it's running you can simply rerun the python command again and it will resume where it left off.


You can go to your OpenPhoto site and see all of your Flickr photos with tags, title and description all in tact.

Known issues

  1. Should we try to fetch these in parallel?