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EAST Validation Tool

The following files were used to create the Validation Tool that was used by the EAST libraries Validation Study. More information the Validation Study process, including training materials for using this tool, can be found on the EAST Validation Sample Study Coordination website.

Google App Script used for each library

Each library used a distinct Google App Script that contained these files:

  • home.html - home page
  • StatScript.html - javascript used by home.html to add in summary stats to page
  • Stylesheet.html - css style sheet
  • bos.html - 'book on shelf' validation page
  • JavaScript.html - javascript used by bos.html page
  • missing.html - catalog check page
  • MissingScript - javascsript used on catalog check page
  • fix.html - fix entry error page
  • FixScript.html - javascript used by fix.html
  • - google server side code, mostly connects to the shared productionlibrary which was used by all participants

Script Properties

For each instance of the tool the following scritp properties were defined (under File / Project Properties)

  • libraryName - used for display purposes only
  • spreadsheetID - id of the google sheet with which the tool is to interact
  • catalogHttps - true/false - whether or not the library's opac supported https. If true, the catalog check opened the catalog in a frame, otherwise opened in new tab

Production Library

The production library was a separate single script, with the code shared by all installations of the validation tool. It had a single file, and is included here as


This was associated with each indvidual script under the Resources / Libraries.


Included here is a sample of the spreadsheet format expected by the validation tool. It has three tabs - Working, Stats and Locations

  • SampleSheet.xlsx


Google App Script validation tool used by EAST libraries



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