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If you get a permissions denied error for bpf

  • Open Terminal
  • sudo chmod o+r /dev/bpf*

##Log File Description

The log file is a pretty obtuse right now. I need to clean that up. But for now I'll describe how to parse it here.

The log file has the following fields timestamp,Interface,power,frequency,band,packetType,field1,field2

Interface: Redundant field. Always Radio as we're working with Wifi Power: Rssi mapped to the randge 0-255. Not very reliable. Frequency: Current center frequency (this is the current channel). Band: 2.4 or 5 Ghz indicator (also pretty redundant) packetType: This is important. It describes what type of packet it is.

the first four fields are constant for all packets. field1 and field2 aer dependent on packetType.

if packetType == Data
field1,field2 = client_mac_addr,router_mac_addr

if packetType == Beacn:
field1 = router_mac_addr,SSID

if packetType == Probe:
field1,field2 == client_mac_addr,Probed SSID
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