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DDR Compare

Companion code to go along with the blog post at

Building DDR Compare

DDR Compare uses the Apache Maven build system. Building DDR Compare requires you to have it installed.

Install OpenDDR Maven dependencies into your local repository by executing the following script from inside the lib folder:

  • for Linux
  • install-libs.bat for Windows

Build the project:

mvn clean package

Deploying and running DDR Compare

DDR Compare needs a Java EE application server to run. Follow these steps to deploy it to JBoss AS:

  1. Deploy the exploded WAR file to your application server.
  2. Open the file WAR/WEB-INF/classes/openddr/ and replace <BASEDIR> with the complete system path to the openddr directory.
  3. Start your application server and point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ddr.
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