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Samba Operator

An operator for Samba as a service on PVCs in kubernetes.


This project implements the samba-operator. It it responsible for the the SmbShare, SmbSecurityConfig, and SmbCommonConfig custom resources:

  • SmbShare describes an SMB Share that will be used to share data with clients.
  • SmbSecurityConfig describes domain and/or user based security properties for one or more shares
  • SmbCommonConfig describes general configuration properties for smb shares

Trying it out (Quick Start)


You need to have a kubernetes cluster running. For example, minikube is sufficient.

If you wish to use Active Directory domain based security you need one or more domain controllers that are visible to Pods within the Kubernetes cluster.

If you wish to access shares from outside the Kubernetes cluster your cluster must support Services with type LoadBalancer.

Start the operator

In order to install the CRDs, other resources, and start the operator, invoke:

make deploy

To use your own image, use:

make deploy IMG=<my-registry/and/image:tag>

To delete the operator and CRDs from the cluster, run:

make delete-deploy

Alternatively, if you do not wish to use make tools to deploy the operator, you can also use the kubectl command in the following manner.

kubectl apply -k config/default

To remove the operator and all related resources, use:

kubectl delete -k config/default

Creating new Shares

Use a PVC you define

A share can be created that uses pre-existing PVCs, ones that are not directly managed by the operator.

Assuming you have a PVC named mypvc, you can create a new SmbShare using the example YAML below:

kind: SmbShare
  name: smbshare1
      name: "mypvc"
  readOnly: false

Use a PVC embedded in the SmbShare

A share can be created that embeds a PVC definition. In this case the operator will automatically manage the PVC along with the share. This example assumes you have a default storage class enabled.

For example:

kind: SmbShare
  name: smbshare2
          - ReadWriteOnce
            storage: 1Gi
  readOnly: false

Testing it with a Local Connection

Assuming a local Linux-based environment you can test out a connection to the container by forwarding the SMB port and using a local install of smbclient to access the share:

$ kubectl get pods              NAME                              READY
my-smbservice-7f779ddc8c-nb6k6    1/1     Running   0          62m
samba-operator-5758b4dbbf-gk9pk   1/1     Running   0          70m
$ kubectl port-forward pod/my-smbservice-7f779ddc8c-nb6k6  4455:445
Forwarding from -> 445
Forwarding from [::1]:4455 -> 445
Handling connection for 4455
$ smbclient -p 4455 -U sambauser //localhost/share
Enter SAMBA\sambauser's password:
Try "help" to get a list of possible commands.
smb: \> ls
.                                   D        0  Fri Aug 28 14:43:26 2020
..                                  D        0  Fri Aug 28 14:32:53 2020
x                                   A   359386  Fri Aug 28 14:35:18 2020
gefcanilant                         A  5141264  Fri Aug 28 14:43:26 2020

4184064 blocks of size 1024. 4141292 blocks available
smb: \>

Above we forward the normal SMB port to an unprivileged local port, assuming you'll be running this as a normal user.


For additional details on how to set up shares that can authenticate via Active Directory, or use a load balancer, etc please refer to the Samba Operator Documentation.

Containers on

This operator uses the container built from samba-in-kubernetes/samba-container as found on

The container from this codebase is published on too.

Additional Resources