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This project was worked on by just myself, Sam Jones.
It is a technical demo for creating child classes and interaction 
between the player and their environment and using this to create puzzles
and seeming complex logic.

The main focus was the ability to easily create a master class that can create
child components for the player to interact with, without the need to 
distinguish what type of item it is they are interacting with.

The artwork was purchased from the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace and any needed
models that wern't supplied, were created by me.

What I would change if i did it again:

I would definitely focus more on learning how the UI interacts with the player
and how I can call this from C++ to create UI Widgets as and when needed.
This would have allowed me to tell the story I wanted to tell in note form
but I ran out of the alloted time I placed on this project to learn this.

I would also change the objects used to create a more immersive experience
as the pack of art didn't allow for opening of drawers etc.. meaning items
had to be just spawned into the world on top of desks.

v 1.0.0
- Base game


First Person Escape the Room game developed in Unreal Engine 4



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