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This project was worked on by just myself, Sam Jones.

It is a technical demo for working with and porting games to VR.
This version was mainly focused on the hardware I had available at the time, which was a HTC Vive, but after feedback from a Oculus Rift owner, I was able to get it working correctly just based on that feedback.
The game was polished up from its previous release and had new features and content added,such as the use of a 3d room for a main menu rather than a GUI.

The game allows you to use motion controls for moving your hands about where the left hand is a flashlight and the right is a hand that is used to interact with the world.
The game also includes teleportation and traditional movement as forms of locomotion, being able to use either to avoid sickness in some users.

Included in the github repository is all the .cpp and .h files I used to create the game.


The Virtual Reality version of Brink Of Escape which is mainly suited towards the HTC Vive with support for Oculus Rift based on feedback



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