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This is a collection of osl shaders that I have found.

This collection is intended for use with a version of blender that has been compiled with osl shading enabled. OSL was introduced into blender svn around November 2012 to be included in the 2.65 release. There is a good chance that these can also be adapted with minimum effort to other render engines that support OSL shaders.

For each shader you should find a script file, a small rendered preview file and a sample noodle image showing the node setup used for the preview render as well as a bcm file (see below) to recreate the material. The preview renders were generated using bmps.blend which is available from blenders svn repository at https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/lib/tests/rendering/cycles/blend_files/bmps.blend a copy is not included here due to size considerations.

BCM files are used by Online Material Library (OML) by Peter Cassetta and include the osl script as well as the node setup used for the sample render. The OML addon isn't included with official releases but is included with most svn builds from graphicall. To add manually see --
for more details.
From the OML Panel click the tools button and either open a local bcm file or open the file with blenders text editor and read bcm data from text block. Once you apply it to active you will have the node tree all setup for you ready to render.

To make use of OSL in blender - 
1. Enable cycles as the render engine
2. In the render properties panel select Open Shading Language for the shading system.
3. Add a script node to your material.

If you don't have the Open Shading Language option then you need to get a blender build that has OSL enabled.

Some shaders here can be found elsewhere on the web, I am just collecting them here and providing some conversion to be used in blender if needed. Others are renderman shaders that I have converted to blender osl format.

While I try and find relevant licensing info and keep it with each shader I cannot guarantee that you are totally free to use these shaders the way you plan. It is up to you to make sure you use these within any legal bounds.