Playful Communications, ITP 2013.
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Plant Pinball

Plant pinball is a game that teaches how plant roots grow to reach water, highlighting their special abilities to regenerate and reorient themselves in the face of obstacles.

Plant Pinball is a project for Playful Communication of Serious Research, a class taught at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Spring of 2013 by Helene Alonso.

The project is inspired by research by Ken Birnbaum, Associate Professor of Biology at NYU.

The project team is Sam Brenner, Alexandra Diracles, Sarah Rothberg and Fangyu Yang.

Requires the Flex SDK 4.6.

Version 1.0 Known Issues
> Both obstacles disappear after one has been completed
> Fungus obstacle is too easy!
> No sound
> Probably a lot of bugs. Aphids mainly (ha ha!)

Note: Due to file size, this repo does not contain the sound and video files that accompany the game. If you would like them, please contact me (Sam) at samjbrenner at gmail dot com.