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A latex package for ducks
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This is a little LaTeX package for ducks to be used in TikZ pictures. The project is a continuation of

This project is licensed under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c or later, see

The project repository, including a bug tracker, can be found at

This repository has an official duck seal of approval

A few examples:

tikz ducks

Video showcases

There are several videos featuring the TikZducks, kindly contributed by Ulrike and Gert Fischer, Carla Maggi, Paulo Cereda and Prof. van Duck - many thanks to you all!

The great TikZducks Christmas Extravaganza 2017 International Pizza Day Happy Groundhog Day Aquarela with TikZducks Saint Crispin's Day James Bond The great TikZlings Christmas Extravaganza 2018

The source code for the "The great TikZducks Christmas Extravaganza 2017" is available in, for "The great TikZlings Christmas Extravaganza 2018" it can be found at .

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