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Space themed monochrom clock.

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By Scott McKittrick.

This is a space themed clock "face" for the monochron clock kit by Adafruit Industries.

The speed of the station can be adjusted by changing the value of SECONDS_PER_PIXEL.

The ground track and station locations are simulated using the following equation:
Y = 27 + floor( 20sin( Radians_PER_PIXEL*(x+36)))

Extra Features (Disabled by default)
+ Allows the clock to automatically dim the backlight at specified times
+ To activate uncomment the line "#define AUTODIM" in ratt.h
+ Resource Usage
      .data: 58 bytes
      .text: 1848 bytes
+ Addional Option: eeprom usage
   When activated, AutoDim saves it's settings in eeprom
   This uses shared memory space, so make sure there are no conflicts before enabling it.
   Enable by uncommenting the line "#define AUTODIM_EEPROM" in ratt.h
+ Allows the clock to automatically adjust for daylight savings time
+ To activate uncomment the line "#define AUTODST" in ratt.h
+ WARNING: This feature uses shared memory space. Be sure there are no conflicts before enabling it.
+ DST rules can be changed or added by editing the declaration of rule[] in ratt.c
+ Resource Usage:
      .data: 24 bytes
      .text: 791 bytes
      .bss:  2 bytes
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