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The highly-anticipated* re-release of DiscordMUD

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Requires Python 3.7+


To install:

pip install -r requirements.txt


When prompted, enter your bot's Discord Token.

Player Controls

  • register
    • Create a new player character and spawn into the game world.
  • look
    • Get your grid location, and a picture of your surroundings, as far as your FOV can see.
  • equipment
    • Prints your "character sheet" in chat. Contains player name and equipment.
  • [north, east, south, west] / [up, right, down, left]
    • Move your player character in the direction specified.
  • inventory
    • Displays a list of the items in the players inventory
    • equip [index]
      • Have your PC equip the item from your inventory with the specified index.
    • unequip [index]
      • Remove the item from your equipment and put it back into your inventory.
  • attack <n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw>
    • Attack another player with your currently equipped weapon. If no direction is specified, the user will attack in the current position only. Otherwise, ranged weapons go in a single direction like a "beam", until they either a) hit another player and apply damage, or b) Miss, as the damage falloff, as each tile the projectile traverses removes % damage until it goes to 0.
  • town
    • Calling town with no parameters is a debug command to check if you're inside a town or not.
    • inn
      • Run the events of the town's inn. Usually restores health/resources.
    • store
      • Lists all the items (Name, Price, Quantity) in the Town's store.
      • buy [index] (Placeholder)
        • Purchase the item at the given index, adding it to your inventory.
      • sell [index] (Placeholder)
        • Sell an item from your inventory, removing it and giving you some money.


Sprites - Kenney RPG Urban Pack