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Release version 2.1.3.
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Fixes #697 & #699
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samclarke committed May 4, 2018
1 parent 81a6755 commit 7fd14ae
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19 changes: 19 additions & 0 deletions CHANGELOG.txt
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Version 2.1.3:
Fixed issue with monocons showing underline if text-decoration is set.
- Thanks to @q2apro for reporting.
Fixed bug with indent & outdent not being enabled.
- Thanks to @mbiddle for reporting.
Improved autoExpand throttling and better handle rounding.
Added defult with to empty table cells to make them easier to edit.
- Thanks to @ata81 for fixing
Fixed bug with FF sometimes throwing error when selection changes.
- Thanks to @Sesquipedalian for fixing
Updated left and right align buttons to show as active by default in Edge
and IE to match Chrome & Firefox behaviour.
- Thanks to @chrisbetson for reporting.
Fixed bug with [rtl] and [ltr] BBCodes sometimes adding new lines.
Updated default content style to keep code as rtl in ltr mode.
- Thanks to @abetis for fixing.
Fixed bug with HTML format adding extra divs to the end of the output.
- Thanks to @pnowy for reporting and @abetis for fixing.

Version 2.1.2:
Fixed issue with extend() trying to copy non-plain objects.
- Thanks to @mtsnr for reporting
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2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion package.json
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "sceditor",
"version": "2.1.2",
"version": "2.1.3",
"description": "A lightweight HTML and BBCode WYSIWYG editor.",
"homepage": "",
"bugs": "",
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