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Predefined link hover text color messing up buttons #51

sheabunge opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Shea Bunge Stefano Bernardi
Shea Bunge

If I have a color set on the a:hover element before the zocial style rules take place, Zocial will not override this and instead use the previously defined color on hover.

For example, if I had this in my stylesheet:

a:hover { color: orange; }

Hovering over a button with white text will change the text to orange. This looks very ugly, and so a default hover state color for a link will .zocial should be defined.

Shea Bunge sheabunge referenced this issue from a commit in sheabunge/css-social-buttons
Shea Bunge sheabunge Added default hover color. Fixes #51 96001e9
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