Development environment: Windows + nginx + MySQL + PHP
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wnmp-dev is development environment for Windows that consists of nginx, MySQL (or MariaDB) and PHP.


  1. Clone or download as archive.
  2. Download PHP from PHP for Windows website. You need nts and x86 zip.
  3. Extract archive. PHP 5.5 should end up in php55, PHP 5.4 should end up in php54 etc.
  4. Download MariaDB or MySQL, put it to mariadb.
  5. Copy nginx/conf/vhosts/example._conf to nginx/conf/vhosts/mysite.conf, edit it to point to your webroot.
  6. Add domain chosen to your hosts file.
  7. Run start_all.bat.
  8. Enjoy.

Switching PHP versions

By default it starts 4 instances of PHP 7 FastCGI on port 9000 but it's possible to switch versions by running restart_php php54. It's also possible to specify number of php-cgi.exe instances and port via restart_php php54 4 9000. If you need another PHP version create new directory php-directory for it, put PHP there and then you'll be able to run restart php-directory.