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I've been moaning about Xcode recently, but it's got lots of good stuff about it. When you're forced to work with something every day though, the annoying glitches start to wear you down.

Rather than be unremittingly negative, I thought I'd create a place for people to post positive suggestions about how to improve it.

To add things, just make an issue, and give it one or more labels.

The only rule is be constructive. This isn't for reporting bugs, as such. If you've got a suggestion about how to improve "broken" or incomplete behaviour though, go ahead. If there is an associated radar number link, go ahead and include it.


Other Notes


I chucked this up on GitHub as a quick way to get an idea going. If someone has a better hosting suggestion, please make it.


I've realised that it's better to add each suggestion as an issue, so this page is really just an index of some top level categories.

If there's a top level category that you think is missing, add it, and ask me to add an issues label.

I reserve the right to move the index around to attempt some sort of sane taxonomy, but I'll try not to change the meaning of anything. Unless it's offensive - in which case I'll change the meaning so that it's offensive to something I don't like instead ;)