Perform advanced MiTM attacks on websites with ease πŸ’‰
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Perform advanced MiTM attacks on websites with ease.
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  • View what's on the victims screen
    • Ability to interact and click buttons
    • Scrolling is synced two-way
  • Data recording
    • Database api for recording & storing data
  • New module API
    • Modules can now run server-side code

Screenshot of the Injectify UI

Injectify is a modern web based MiTM tool, similiar to BeEF (although completely unrelated in terms of source code). It features cross-platform clients (Web, Desktop, Browser extension).

What can it do?

  • ⚑️ Create a reverse Javascript shell between the victim and the attacker.
  • ⌨️ Records keystrokes and logs them to a database.
  • πŸ” Extract and log saved passwords from the browser.



See more at the official documentation site


Live updates

Console replication

Console data types

Module intellisense

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