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Apple Open Source Downloader (aosd)

This utility makes it easy to find and download various versions of the open source code that Apple provides on


Python 2.7 or greater (this does support Python 3), running the will determine if you need to install anything else.


Via homebrew:

$ brew update
$ brew tap samdmarshall/formulae
$ brew install samdmarshall/formulae/aosd

For instructions on installing from source or from the development version via homebrew, please see the Installing instructions on the wiki.


Once installed, the executable will be called aosd.

Command Console

The application's command console will give you full access to all of the features of aosd. To enter the console run the binary with no flags passed. To get usage information use the help command. For more information, please check out the guided tutorial on the wiki.


-h, --help                         show help message and exit
-t TYPE, --type TYPE               specify the release type
-l, --list                         list versions of a package to check out, if no package is specified it lists available packages
-p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE      specify the name of a package from a release
-b BUILD, --build BUILD            specify the build number from a package
-d DIFF DIFF, --diff DIFF DIFF     specify the build number of a package to create diff against
-r, --resetcache                   removes currently cached package plist files
-c, --buildcache                   caches the package manifests and builds an index
-f, --findhash					   this will display the sha256 for the specified build of a package
-v, --version					   this will display the build version of AOSD

More Information

Please see the wiki for more information!