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Python library for parsing Xcode files
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xcparse is a python library for parsing and working with Xcode workspace and project files.


xcparse supports all modern objects found in xcodeproj files, and many legacy object. The parsing component of this library is complete and production ready. There are additional features that I am adding to make complex operations, such as resolving dependency build ordering, easy to perform.


Loading a project or workspace

from xcparse import xcparse

root = xcparse(path_to_xcodeproj_or_xcworkspace);

Get a list of projects

root = xcparse(path_to_xcodeproj_or_xcworkspace);

project_list = root.projects();

Get a list of schemes

root = xcparse(path_to_xcodeproj_or_xcworkspace);

scheme_list = root.schemes();

Please explore the API for what it can offer you.

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