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A Reddit Client For GNOME (with Gtk+ and Python)
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Something For Reddit

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A simple Reddit client for GNOME, built for touch, mouse and VIM keyboards.

Screenshot of AskReddit

Screenshot of the content view

Screenshot of the dark view


  • Touchscreen tested interface
  • VIM style keybindings
  • View subreddits, comments and user pages
  • Vote on comments and links, write replies
  • Integrated WebKit2 browser for viewing links
  • Multi-account support


Up to date:

Distro Command Info
Flatpak flatpak install
NixOS Run nix-shell --command reddit-is-gtk inside the git repo see app.nix for package

Being updated (feel free to contribute):

Distro Command Info
Fedora dnf copr enable samtoday/something-for-reddit; dnf install something-for-reddit
Archlinux yaourt -S something-for-reddit-git


I did this ages ago, so I don't really remember.

  1. Install gnome-common (and autotools, etc.)
  2. Install the python3-arrow and python3-markdown
  3. Install the sassc (from your package manager)

Then you can just install it like any usual program.

  1. Download the source code (eg. git clone; cd something-for-reddit)
  2. ./
  3. make
  4. sudo make install

There is a .desktop file, but it is also reddit-is-gtk command

Please report the bugs or deficiencies that you find via Github Issues.


A development shell using Nix is provided in dev-shell.nix. You can run it with the following command:

nix-shell dev-shell.nix

This will include instructions to run the app.


You can build the flatpak with the following commands:

flatpak-builder build-dir today.sam.reddit-is-gtk.json --force-clean --install

To build the from the local copy of your source, use change the sources option in the flatpak to as follows:

      "sources": [
          "type": "dir",
          "path": ".",
          "skip": [

Outdated Roadmap

Feel free to contribute and do whatever you want.

Please try and use Flake8!

  • Any app icon suggestions/designs are appreciated
    • The current one isn't great at all
  • Replace the media previews, integrate them with the comments view
  • Use gettext
    • If you are interested in translateing this app, please email me!
  • Search all the subreddits on reddit
  • Manage subreddits dialog
  • Better handle private messages
  • Multireddits in the urlbar list
  • Mutlireddit add/remove subreddits

Long Term

  • Optimise the comments view performance
  • Separate the reddit json parsing from the view components
  • Support other sites (eg. hackernews)
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