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Update Specs: #1

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Gary Rennie Sam Dunne
Gary Rennie

I'm not really sure of the goals of this project, I found it on

Hopefully these specs are or some use to you.

Gary Rennie Gazler Update Specs:
Update the test specs for the RData::Stack class to test each method
and the output.
Sam Dunne


Project goal is to provide a very clear and concise library of datastructures and algorithms in Ruby. I've only just started development hence why it's still a small project. Thanks for the help :)

Sam Dunne samdunne closed this
Sam Dunne samdunne reopened this
Sam Dunne samdunne merged commit 2f8cef8 into from
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Commits on Dec 2, 2012
  1. Gary Rennie

    Update Specs:

    Gazler authored
    Update the test specs for the RData::Stack class to test each method
    and the output.
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  1. +42 −7 spec/rdata_spec.rb
49 spec/rdata_spec.rb
@@ -1,11 +1,46 @@
require 'spec_helper'
describe RData do
- it "should return data for a stack" do
- element_data = RData.Stack
- #element_data.should be_nil
- element_data.push(1).should == 1
- element_data.pop.should == 1
- element_data.is_empty?.should be_true
+ let(:stack) { RData.Stack }
+ context "An empty stack" do
+ it "should be empty" do
+ stack.is_empty?.should eql("true")
+ end
+ it "should push an element" do
+ stack.push(9).should eql(9)
+ eql(9)
+ end
+ it "should raise an error when popping from an empty stack" do
+ expect {
+ stack.pop
+ }.to raise_error(StandardError)
+ end
+ end
+ context "A stack with elements" do
+ before(:each) do
+ stack.push(5)
+ stack.push(8)
+ end
+ it "should not be empty" do
+ stack.is_empty?.should eql("false")
+ end
+ it "should reveal the top element" do
+ eql(8)
+ end
+ it "should pop the top element" do
+ stack.pop.should eql(8)
+ eql(5)
+ end
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