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Search Shakespeare

Fast search for the complete plays, poems and sonnets of Shakespeare (including locations and stage directions) using data derived from the PlayShakespeare project.

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This app works offline!

Files are cached on access, via a service worker using Workbox.

You can also manually precache texts by clicking one of the Download all checkboxes. Texts will be removed from the cache when a checkbox is unchecked.

Link to texts and search results

As well as search, you can use the app to open texts or citations:

You can also link to search results:

Search options

There are several options for filtering search results:

  • Text name
  • Type of text (play, poem or sonnet)
  • Speaker
  • Speaker gender

You can also click on a word in a text to search for that word.

Feedback and feature requests

Feedback welcome!

Play and poem texts

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