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Data Wrangling

THE MAIN PROCCESS (main file) IS IN THE 'wrangle_act.ipynb' FILE.

This project is about data wrangling were i had to use the three stages of data wrangling (gather, asses, clean).
with gathering i had to gather one dataset from udacity(udacity provided to download manually) and the other using Request library in python because the data were in a url also provided by UDACITY and then i had to use Twitter API to gather the last dataset.
in the assesing i defined tidy and quality data issues that are in those three datasets i gathered by visualizing by viewing the data on excel sheet and then programmatically by using different python pandas tools
the cleaning proccess i fixed the tidy and quality issues using coding , and then i tested if what i did fixed the problem, i used to define the isuue before start coding , there were many issues to fix so the data can be ready to be visualized properly.
i made 3 insights and a visulization about the dataset after storing the datasets in just one dataset (the analysis and visualization isn't advanced just basic analysis).

you can navigate the data with IPython Notebook (Jupyter) using mybinder in the link below by clicking here


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