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UDACITY Data Analysis Nanodegree Project 01: Exploring Weather Trends.


In this project, i analyzed local and global temperature data and compare the temperature trends for the closest city from where i live which is 'Cairo' to overall global temperature trends.
The city i live in was not exist in the data so i used the closest city to my country .
The goal is to create a visualization and prepare a write up describing the similarities and differences between global temperature trends and temperature trends in the closest big city to where i live.


SQL Query was used to download (CSV) file that contains yearly average temperature of the City ‘Cairo’ and the global temperature.
Then the data has been analyzed using Python Programming Language using IPython Notebook (Jupyter).

Progress outline:

Extract the data :

• Downloading 2 data files from SQL database as CSV.

Create a line chart :

• Calculating the Moving Average (Rolling Average) to make it easier to observe the trends when it be shown in Charts.
• Visualizing the Data Using matplotlib

Make observations :

• I made observations the i saw related to the data "you can find more details on the Report file"
• I made a conclusion about the data.
more details are existed in the Report file.

you can navigate the data with IPython Notebook (Jupyter) using mybinder in the link below by clicking here


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