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namespace FastNewFile.Templates
using FastNewFile.Services;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using M = TemplateMapping;
/// <summary>
/// Map of input patterns and their corresponding VS Templates. Ideally, these patterns would be configurable via the
/// Visual Studio Options dialog box.
/// </summary>
class TemplateMap : List<TemplateMapping>
internal PackageService _packageService { get; }
/// <summary>
/// Loads the default mappings.
/// </summary>
public void LoadDefaultMappings()
this.Add(new M(@"^c\:(?<name>.*)", "CSharp", "Class"));
this.Add(new M(@"^i\:(?<name>.*)", "CSharp", "Interface"));
this.Add(new M(@"^(?<name>I[A-Z].*)\.cs$", "CSharp", "Interface"));
this.Add(new M(@"^(?<name>I[A-Z].*)\.vb$", "VisualBasic", "Interface"));
/* NOTE: With VS 2015 Community Edition, CodeFile.cs was not replacing the $rootnamespace$ tag.
* If this happens, open the CodeFile.vstemplate file
* (e.g. in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\ItemTemplates\CSharp\Code\1033\CodeFile\CodeFile.vstemplate)
* and replace
* with
<ProjectItem ReplaceParameters="true">CodeFile.cs</ProjectItem>
this.Add(new M(@"^e:(?<name>.*)\.cs", "CSharp", "CodeFile"));
// Following mappings are the broadest from a language POV. So, they need to be at the end of the mappings
this.Add(new M(@"^(?<name>.*)\.vb", "VisualBasic", "Class"));
this.Add(new M(@"^(?<name>.*)\.cs$", "CSharp", "Class"));
this.Add(new M(@"^(?<name>.*)\.js$", "JavaScript", "JScript"));