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React.js Beyond the Basics

The navigable website for this book is at

This book is still a work in progress. New content is synced here as it gets ready.


  • Part One: The fundamentals

    1. Introduction

    2. Modern JavaScript and Nodejs

    3. The React API

    4. Getting comfortable with components

  • Part Two: The practice

    1. The ColorMatch game

    2. The MemoryChallenge game

    3. The StarMatch game

    4. Working with APIs data

  • Part Three: The deep dive

    1. Global state management

    2. Routing and browser’s history

    3. Optimizing React Hooks

    4. Server-side rendering

    5. React in production

Getting Help

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You can click the "Edit this file" pencil icon while reading any of the lessons under this book, and then make any edits and push the green "Commit changes" button.

All contributions are welcome, even if it was just to correct a tiny typo or code formatting issue, or even to add a comma. Please know that if you contribute to this book, you’re contributing to our efforts to fight racial injustice everywhere, and we will be in deep gratitude to you.

We do all the writing in AsciiDoc, which is just like Markdown but with standards and a lot more features. See this syntax reference guide for a quick start.


This book is part of the jsComplete library which is FREE. We ask you to please donate what you can to a cause that is fighting racial injustice.

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