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MIT licensed

Hosted at:

My take at creating an incremental game using bootstrap and jquery.

The Plan

The theme here is hacking. You start small using 'single board computers' to get money though hacking. You can then get upgrades like better keyboard, more monitors, etc. to hack more and get more money, which you can then use to buy more machines and use them for hacking.

Current machines plan

  • Single board computer Gets you $0.10 every hack, a hack can be done once every ten seconds. You start with one chip, then the next costs $5 with a constant price increase of %110 for now.

  • Old Laptop Gets you $0.50 every hack, and a hack can be done every 30 seconds.

  • Once you reach $25 you can "learn" single board scripting to auto hack.

  • With the laptop it is $100 to "learn" adware, for auto hacking.

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