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lydstyl lydstyl

Web developer

France, Lille(59)

bicklil bicklil

a young sailor crazy....

toulon FRANCE

Monf LaMonF

Grenoble, France

Max Halford MaxHalford

Studying ML and CS at @cmisid. Working on @OpenBikes and other side projects on my spare time.

@cmisid Toulouse

Toche Camille CamTosh

@SquareMS @dreamvids France

Théophile Choutri tchoutri

French student, ambassador of funk amongst mortals and Erlang VM lover.

Romainville, France

Renaud reno-

@PixelStereo Paris

Vincent Sarago vincentsarago

Earth Observation Specialist | Geospatial developer | Creator of

@mapbox Montréal

Raph RaphaelChochon

Parc National du Mercantour Nice

lootr lootr

Amossys Rennes

MikkoF MikkoF

E-commerce and open-source junky - Inspired by business development, web dev, and free stuff. All tweets my own @shuup

@shuup Los Angeles

Stéphen → Développeur PHP de Grenoble & Lyon stephweb

I am a web PHP developer. I love the PHP Framework Laravel. _Skills : PHP 7, POO, MVC, Laravel 5, SQL, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax...

France - Grenoble 38

Cédric Carrard CedricCarrard

Software Developer

@zip-ch Lausanne, Switzerland

Rousseau Alexandre madeindjs

I love clean code, clean logic and my girlfriend.

Lyon, France

Richard Devers richarddevers

I hate re-inventing the wheel. I love cheese.

@veoliawatertechnologies France, Paris

Sylvain Boureliou sylvainb

Makina Corpus Nantes, France

Emmanuel Leblond touilleMan

Python & Open source lover

Scille Paris, France