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    ColdFusion 7 1


    Intial commit

    Updated Oct 12, 2013

    ColdFusion 0 17


    forked from cfaddict/hyrule

    Validation framework for ColdFusion

    Updated Sep 5, 2013


    forked from CFCommunity/CF_CleanUp


    Updated Feb 9, 2013

    JavaScript 0 1,033


    forked from liammclennan/JavaScript-Koans

    javascript koans is an interactive learning environment that uses failing tests to introduce students to aspects of JavaScript in a logical sequence.

    Updated Oct 8, 2012

    ColdFusion 1 1


    forked from nmische/cf-solrentity

    SolrEntity is a base component that implements ColdFusion ORM event handler methods to manage Solr indexing of an entity via simple annotations (custom metadata attributes).

    Updated Apr 12, 2012

    ColdFusion 3 0


    5 Ways To Improve Your App with ORM

    Updated Oct 8, 2011

    ColdFusion 3 1


    A ColdFusion Builder Extension that adds a scribble pad to quickly run a few lines of code. Write in script or tags. Automatically detects script without need to write cfscript.

    Updated Oct 8, 2011


    A ColdFusion Builder Extension that checks a file or folder for any debug code that should probably be stripped before moving to staging or production

    Created Apr 7, 2011

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