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Notes on "t out" #16

solars opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi, very helpful tool :)

I've built almost the same as a small sinatra app for fun, but I'm too lazy to extend it, quite nice for the cmd line!

One suggestion: It would be very helpful to have the NOTES param also at t out, as I, most of the time only know at the end of my work, what exactly I did :)


On recent versions out takes an optional argument for which sheet to check out of, which would collide with a notes param. This is useful to people that like to have multiple entries running on different sheets at the same time.

You can use the edit command for this very purpose though.


$ t in
$ t edit this is what I really ended up doing
$ t out

You can also use edit's --id option to edit a description after you've checked out.


$ t e -i 45 this is what I really ended up doing

Thanks for the suggestion and hopefully that's not too inconvenient.


Also the edit command support an --append (or -z) flag which will append to the current note. Also useful for recording what you're working on, as it emerges.


Yep sure, I know that I can edit them :)
Just wanted to point it out that it seems more natural to specify it at the end, in my opinion. But wrapped in a simple call anyway so its not a problem :)


A script like this might do something like what you wish to:


t o && t d -v | tail -4 | head -1
echo -n "Enter the completed description for this task: "
read -e INPUT
t d -v | tail -4 | head -1 | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -i t e -i {} $INPUT
t d

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