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Timetrap Formatters

This is a repository of custom formatters available for Timetrap (

Feel free to modify them for you own use or contribute to this repository (send a pull request).


Custom formatters can be installed by saving the formatter source files in ~/.timetrap/formatters (or wherever you choose using t configure).

One easy way to install all of these formatters is with this command:

git clone git:// ~/.timetrap

You can also:

git clone git:// /some/path
mkdir -p ~/.timetrap/
ln -s /some/path ~/.timetrap/formatters

See for more details.


Day Progress Formatter

The day formatter sums up the time you've logged today and tells you how near your working day to completion is.

$ t d -f day

[################################### ] 70%

Requires two properties to be added to ~/.timetrap.yml (see t configure)

day_length_hours => how long you want your working day to be
progress_width => the width of the progress bar

A list of sheets to be ignored by the calculation can be specified by an optional parameter

day_exclude_sheets => a list of sheet names to exclude from calculations

A countdown of the remaining time in your working day can be displayed when an optional parameter is set

day_countdown => true to show the countdown


The datesheet formatter makes it easy to grep for an entry and get the reference to date and sheet in the output lines.

$ t d -f datesheet
2011-12-01 17:28:25 - 17:34:37 0:06:12 [Sheet] Entry description

Some nice aliases for the datesheet formatter:

alias tmf="clear && t d all -s 'today' -f datesheet"
alias tmg="clear && t d all -s 'today' -f datesheet | sort -n -k 2.1 -k 2.2"


The factor formatter is like the default text formatter, except it reads special notes in your entry descriptions, and multiplies the entry's duration by them. A note like f:2 will multiply the entry's duration by two in the output. See for more details.

$ # note durations are multiplications of start and end times, based on notes
$ t d -ffactor
Timesheet: SpecSheet
    Day                Start      End        Duration   Notes
    Fri Oct 03, 2008   16:00:00 - 18:00:00   4:00:00    entry f:2
    Sat Oct 04, 2008   16:00:00 - 18:00:00   1:00:00    entry f:0.5
                       19:00:00 -            1:00:00    entry
    Total                                    6:00:00


The fraction formatter is also like the default text formatter. In addition to the information that is normally shown, it show the duration of the entry as a fraction of an hour. This is useful for entry into some time accounting systems.

$ t d -ffraction
Timesheet: mysheet
    Day                Start   End     Duration        Notes
    Wed Apr 23, 2014   10:12 - 10:15   0:02:23   0.04  entry
                       14:29 - 14:57   0:28:05   0.47
                       14:57 - 15:14   0:17:05   0.28  note
                       15:14 - 15:51   0:36:57   0.62
                       15:51 - 15:53   0:01:58   0.03
                                       1:26:28   1.44
    Total                              5:12:47   5.21

LaTeX Invoice

The invoice formatter generates LaTeX output that will create a nice looking invoice. In order to generate the resulting LaTeX output, you must have invoice.cls installed.

You can generate the LaTeX file and produce a PDF with

$ t d -f invoice > invoice.tex; latexmk -pdf invoice.tex

The following properties can be added to ~/.timetrap.yml

company => The company name to be printed at the top of the invoice
address1 => Typically the street address
address2 => Typically the city, state, and zipcode
rate => The hourly rate at which to bill

The produced output will have placeholders INSERT CONTACT and INSERT COMPANY which will need to be replaced with the name and company being billed.

If the invoice is generated for multiple sheets, header and subtotal lines will be added for each sheet.

by_day formatter

If you want to output your data grouped by date and not by sheet, you can use this formatter.

## Fri Jul 19, 2013 ##

               Sheet   Start      End        Duration   Notes
    housekeeping       08:43:00 - 12:30:00   3:47:00    cleaning everything
    comic time         14:01:27 - 15:38:41   1:37:14    saga, part II
    cooking            15:38:59 - 17:40:00   2:01:01    yummy lasagne
    Total                                    7:25:15

pay formatter

Will display per-session, per-day, per-sheet and global earnings. Put your hourly pay rate in the config as pay_rate, and run t d -f pay.

Also supports prefixes and suffixes, so to have your pay printed in dollars, set pay_rate to $3.14, or whatever your pay rate is. You could also add a prefix which will be printed after each pay amount as such: $3.14M if you make, say, 3.14 million USD per hour.

total formatter

This formatter simply displays the total amount of hours logged on this timesheet as a decimal number.

$ t d -ftotal

Harvest formatter

The Harvest formatter, developed separately as the timetrap-harvest gem, will submit your timetrap entries to timesheets on Harvest.

After adding Harvest credentials and project/task alias definitions to your timetrap config file, you can tag entries for harvesting:

$ timetrap in working on timetrap-harvest @code
$ timetrap out

When you're ready to submit, you can use timetrap to limit the range of your entries.

For example, you can submit your entries at the end of the day:

$ timetrap today --format harvest

Or for the past week:

$ timetrap display --start 'last monday' --end 'last friday' --format harvest

The output will list entries that timetrap-harvest successfully submitted as well as entries that timetrap-harvest failed to submit.

Submitted: 1
Failed: 0

Submitted entries
Submitted: working on timetrap-harvest @code

See timetrap-harvest's README for more details.


To contribute a formatter:

  1. Fork this repo and create your formatter.
  2. Choose a short descriptive name for your formatter.
  3. Update the README with some info about your formatter and some sample output.
  4. If you'd like to TDD your formatter spec/timetrap_formatter_spec.rb is available. This helps ensure future changes to timetrap won't break your formatter.

Bugs and Feature Requests

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