Send Content-Type only if there is data, relative post location #32

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Sorry for two fixes in single pull request.

PUT and DELETE methods should only send Content-type header if there request has data.

If Location header is not full URL (doesn't start with http/s) it can be passed as id parameter and url_join function will join Location with base_path.


The content type issue addressed here causes issues with servers that are very strict - for example senchalabs/connect#680. Would be nice to see this fixed (for GET requests too).

@mhl mhl referenced this pull request in mysociety/popit-python Dec 5, 2012

.delete() causes a 400 error #2


Looks good to me.

bancek and others added some commits Mar 21, 2013
@bancek bancek Fixed POST response serializer 7789bd3
@overlordtm overlordtm Make slumber not crash on 201 response without Location header
If we get 201 response with no location header, treat is as 200
@bancek bancek Merge pull request #1 from overlordtm/patch-1
Make slumber not crash on 201 response without Location header

Can we not get this merged?
Is slumber no longer active?


@alithorn still "active", maintenance mostly - I'll get this merged when I get a moment.

@samgiles samgiles self-assigned this Mar 23, 2016

@samgiles I apologize if I sound(ed) presumptuous. Starting a large project and I seriously appreciate the abstraction you are providing but I'm shit scared of having to support a branch of my own if it takes 3 years to get a good change merged...

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