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Experiment rails and detect common FAQ

To create new app in current dir:

rails new .

To push to new repo in github:

  • git init
  • git add .
  • git commit -m "First Push"
  • git remote add origin
    <https is your github repo url>
  • git pull origin master
    <if you create a readme in git>
  • git push origin master
    <you are done>

check status:

  • git status / git log

get started with changing index page:

  • rake db:create
  • rails generate controller home index
    <=This will create a controller
    & index.html.erb in app/views/home>
  • modify routes.rb

    change root :to =>"home#index"

Create resources using Scaffold:

  • rails generate scaffold Post name:string title:string context:text
    <check db/migrate/...rb to view the database structure>
    <the def change is the function called when db migrate, creating tables with defined types>
  • rake db:migrate

To migrate db:

  • rake db:migrate
    <this will only effect development>

    If need to specify:

  • rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

To set validation on creating new record:

  • go to app/model/post.rb, and add this into Class:"
    validates :names, :presence => true
    validates :title, :presence => true,
    :length => {:minimum => 5}
    This will ensure names and title need to filled before submit.

To load the updated code while in rails console:

  • reload!

Before bundle with pg:

  • sudo apt-get install libpq-dev

Deploy to heroku:

  • add gem 'heroku' in Gemfile
  • configure Gemfile:
    group :development, :test do
    gem 'sqlite'
    group :production do
    gem 'pg'
  • sudo apt-get install postgresl
    <if you dont install postresql locally, you wont able to install pg>
  • bundle install
  • heroku run rake db:migrate
  • type in command:
    wget -qO- | sh
    heroku login
    git add .
    git commit -m "init deploy"
    heroku create
    <will create new app at heroku>
    heroku key:add

    <if you dont have rsa key stored at heroku yet>
    git push heroku master