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title: 'My ideal email app'
+description: 'Why I switched from gmail to as my primary email address.'
A lot of people complain loudly about disliking email. I'm one of those people. Email is overloaded - it's a personal communication app, a to-do list, a central notification center, and a coupon/brochure repository. Unfortunately, it's bad at all of those things. It's easy for me to opt out of everything but the first one - I use [Clear](/clear-checklist-app-just-raised-the-bar-for-mobile-design) for my to-do lists, iPhone Notification Center for notifications, and I opt-out of the whole coupon/brochure thing ([SaneBox]( helps). For a personal communication center, I have long preferred Twitter DM (until it stopped working) and Facebook Messages. The only problem is I can't force all of my friends to use these.

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