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A minesweeper bot.
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The nimbus series of broomsticks is the fastest series of broomsticks currently in production. They sweep real fast. Apparently, they even sweep mines.

Nimbus2018 is a minesweeper bot written to get on the highscore list on minesweeperonline.

Youtube link to video

My PyCon 2018 India Lightning talk about the project


  1. Open minesweeperonline on Google Chrome. Change the zoom to 175%
  2. Open a terminal window, and ensure that it is not blocking any part of the minesweeper board.
  3. cd into path/to/nimbus2018
  4. Run the command python3
  5. Watch in awe. Cross your fingers and hope you got a solvable board. [In case you are facing an error, you might have to replace the images directory yourself.]
  6. Think up a creative name for your high score.
  7. Exercise your bragging rights in a resposible manner.


Nimbus2018 uses pyautogui for reading the screen, and controlling the mouse.

PIL is used for recognising the values on screen.

Nimbus can be used on partially solved boards, in case you are stuck.

Specifics of the development environment. Certain things may need changing when using any other environment.

  1. OS: Kubuntu 17.10
  2. Python version: 3.6.3
  3. Screen dimensions: 1366 x 768
  4. minesweeperonline zoom level on chrome: 175%
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