Flightly Mk. 2 by Team DSA - a unique take on an Air Traffic Control game with retro style graphics, but modern technology, including an online Multiplayer system where players are matched with others around the world to play competitively, and a parallal effect powered by the position of your face relative to your computers web cam.
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Flighty Mk. 2 by Team DSA

Fantastic Air Traffic Control game wtih online multiplayer (server included), face tracking parallax effect and much much more!

Please be aware, this will not execute from a Windows networked drive. If you have problems, try running from /tmp.

Please see releases at the top of this page on GitHub - there's a release of the master branch (runs on all machines) and of the MacVision branch (contianing the FaceTracking Parallax Effect).

To run the Face Tracking Parallax effect from either the code after building it yourself or using our provided compiler JAR, you'll need to first copy the haarcascade to /tmp/<haarcascade file name>. In the GitHub release, we include all necessary files and shell script to automatically do this and then launch the game for you.

(Face Tracking Parallax effect requires a Mac with a webcam, running Java 8).