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    The CSS theme tool is a block that is designed to make CSS creation and
editing for Moodle both easy and accessible.
It aims to provide a point and click interface with WYSIWYG controls for adding
CSS rules and provides a user friendly interface for creating CSS that is suitable
for everything from creating simple modifications to creating entire themes.
As well as giving the user an easy means to create CSS it also allows the admin
or a Moodle site to make immediate modifications to the installations CSS that
will be visible by everyone using the site (not just those who can create CSS)
and does this all without the need for editing any files within Moodle or even
having to create or modify themes.

About the CSS theme tool block:
    This block was created during development of Moodle 2.0 before it was even in
beta. My apologies if it no longer works and is out of date obviously I have not
found time enough to maintain it.
The block itself is 100% reliant on JavaScript trying to use it without JavaScript
will simply mean you don't see the block at all, however the rules you made using
it when you had JavaScript enabled will still be visible.
Cross browser compatible.... if you're lucky. This block was developed using
Firefox which I would recommend using it with initially. It wouldn't surprise me
to hear it worked with Chrome, Safari, and Opera. But I do not expect it to
work with Internet Explorer...Microsoft could sponsor me to do that ;)
If you find bugs with this block please check first if they are listed in this
file in the following section and if not please report them to me.
Whilst I cannot guarantee that I will have time to maintain this block I will
certainly aim to put in a gallant effort initially.

    Simply put the block into your Moodle installations blocks directory (/blocks/)
and then log into your site as an administrator and visit /admin/ if you are not
prompted to upgrade immediately.
This block creates two tables within your Moodle database which are both used to
store CSS rules and styles. If you choose to remove this block make sure you
remove the two tables as well:
    * block_css_theme_tool
    * block_css_theme_tool_styles

Still coming, To-Do's, and bugs:
# todo:             Finish PHP docs
# todo:             Test
# functionality:    Implement capabilities for the block so that more than just
                    Admins can use it if desired.
# functionality:    Export a theme (how cool will this be)
# functionality:    CSS optimisation and refactoring
# functionality:    Cache CSS files for serving rather than rebuilding every time
# functionality:    Better caching for colour picker image
# bug :             Cross browser support... will test... maybe fix

About the creator:
    Hi my name is Sam Hemelryk, I am a senior developer at Moodle HQ and have
been with the project since June 2009. When I first started at HQ Moodle 2.0 was
already well under construction but still well of being release and I was lucky
enough to experience the growth that it went through.
I started writing this block in March 2010 in the little bit of free time that I
something find myself with.
I started writing this block as I wanted to explore the knowledge that I had
gained and put into use some of the cool stuff I had seen, used, and heard about.
The most recent task I had undertaken at HQ was writing the base theme and
standard themes for Moodle 2.0. This is why I created a theme creation block.
This block attempts to use as much of Moodle 2.0's new API as is practical and I
hope that it provides both useful functionality for themers and a good code
reference for other plugin developers.
One last thing before I wrap up if you have any requests for this block or would
like to know anything more about it please feel free to post in the Moodle forums
or email me at sam.hemelryk@gmail.com

Visual version guide:
    - Converted JS to YUI modules and optimised its loading       [CONTRIB-2180]

 0.2.2                                                            [CONTRIB-1984]
    - Added a version.php file as it is now required
    - Fixed regressions from file API changes

 0.2.1                                                            [CONTRIB-2179]
    - Made the colour picker a dialogue
    - Added support for previously picked colours
    - Fixed bug with the colourpicker image generation

 0.2.0                                                            [CONTRIB-1987]
    - Added capability to allow access to modify styles
    - Added 'only view my css' setting + functionality
    - Fixed bug with positioning of css builder and viewer
    - Added preview functionality
    - Fixed the highlight buttons bugs

 0.1.2                                                            [CONTRIB-1984]
    - Fixed bug when editing an existing CSS rule
    - Added support for CSS 2.1 and 3.0 selectors:
        - first-child
        - last-child
        - after
        - before

 0.1.1                                                            [CONTRIB-2131]
    - Added the auto-save setting

 0.1.0                                                            [CONTRIB-1984]
    - Introduced the visual version
    - Added a rounded corner button to the css builder
    - Added an opacity button to the css builder