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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Jun 4, 2021

This is a hotfix release for an annoying rendering issue in the options window.

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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Jun 3, 2021

  • New: can search for specific keys in sequence window using key:a, key:@ etc.
  • New: tweak feature allows to disable Caps Lock as soon as the key is released
  • New: allow to run without elevated privileges
  • Fix: installed version had no icon
  • Fix: crash on Windows 8
  • Fix: backspace can be used in sequences
  • Various minor bugfixes
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@samhocevar samhocevar released this May 11, 2021

This version adds more meaningful log messages for debugging purposes and fixes a bug where two instances of WinCompose would run in parallel.

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@samhocevar samhocevar released this May 11, 2021

This is a pre-release with more advanced logging features.

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@samhocevar samhocevar released this May 6, 2021

Changes in this version:

  • New: WinCompose can be configured to not run at startup
  • Changed: the startup code was completely rewritten to try to address issues reported by multiple users
  • Fix: swap_on_invalid feature was misbehaving
  • New: Catalan and Afrikaans translations
  • Fix: combining characters were badly rendered in compose sequences
  • Fix: user macros containing \n would sometimes not work
  • Changed: the “Disable” and “Restart” features were removed
  • Changed: performance improvements in the sequence window scrolling
  • Changed: .NET Framework 4.0 or later is now required
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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Dec 3, 2020

This release fixes a regression with sequence priorities.

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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Nov 27, 2020


  • better compatibility with GTK+ applications (Inkscape, The Gimp…) (#369)
  • will not try to run with elevated privileges if not installed as administrator
  • can use characters such as " \ \n as well as \0x2468 in custom sequences (#329)

Multiple bugfixes:

  • sometimes the compose key cannot be properly configured (#367)
  • crash when the clipboard is locked by another process (#319)
  • crash when Unicode sequences of more than 6 digits are typed (#335)
  • the task scheduler would kill WinCompose after a long time (#316)
  • would not work with the Japanese IME (#312)
  • crash when pressing CtrlZ in the Option window test widget
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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Dec 6, 2019

This release fixes several bugs:

  • huge typing latency on some keyboards
  • Unicode input was broken in some situations
  • wrong language displayed in the installer
  • issues when the input language is set to Japanese
  • race condition preventing the icon from appearing sometimes
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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Nov 20, 2019


Prepare preview version 0.9.4beta20191120.
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@samhocevar samhocevar released this Nov 18, 2019

This preview releases tries to address a key translation problem when Japanese IME is active.

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