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A Rails application template used to setup a new Rails app using Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate (http://html5boilerplate.com/)
This template was inspired by Logan Leger's Rails 3 JQuery Template (https://github.com/lleger/Rails-3-jQuery)

How to Use

Rails 3:
rails new <appname> -m <path/to/rails3.rb>

Can also be run directly from github:
Rails 3:
rails new <appname> -m https://github.com/russfrisch/Rails-HTML5-Boilerplate-Template/raw/master/rails3.rb

Rails 3 Version

This template does the following:

  1. Removes default Prototype/Scriptaculous JavaScripts and Rails driver
  2. Downloads the latest JQuery Rails driver and places into the javascripts folder
  3. Downloads HTML5 Boilerplate assets: JavaScripts, Stylesheets, icons, .htaccess, etc.
  4. Creates an empty application.css and then adds to it an @import to import the scaffold.css.
  5. Replaces the contents of default application.html.erb layout with the contents of HTML5 boilerplate's index.html
  6. Modifies the updated application.html.erb to add back in the appropriate default Rails content
  7. Updates javascript :defaults expansion to include jquery, plugins, and rails driver.

Rails 3.1 Version

Comming soon with optional support to revert out CoffeeScript and SCSS changes if you so desire.

Push Requests

This is my first template so if there is anything that can be done better or you would like to see tweaked, please send me a push request.