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This project (and the corresponding encoder) are no longer maintained.

This was an enormously fun project to create, but I never had adequate time for updates and it was made almost immediately obsolete by the adoption of auto-play HTML5 video in most mobile web browsers soon after it's initial release.

Whitewater Mobile Video

A new encoding system for playing inline videos on the mobile web.

  1. Whitewater Player

    A Javascript library for playing videos prepared by encoder (standard video files will not work). It offer a flexible API with playback methods, data about the current video and events.

  2. Whitewater Encoder

    A command line tool and Python module that encodes videos into a bundle of files that can be read by the player to recrate video in an HTML <canvas> tag.

    View on GitHub

Features and Limitations


  • Can play, pause and stop video on mobile
  • Can slow down video
  • Can expose DOM events for developer use
  • Can encode videos with various compression settings
  • Can be used as a Python module in your own programs


  • Cannot seek to arbitrary points within a video
  • Cannot play in reverse
  • Cannot play audio

Quick Start

Manual Download

  1. Download the latest build
  2. Unpack it and copy whitewater.min.js into your project files
  3. Include whitewater.min.js at the end of your <body>: <script src="path/to/whitewater.min.js"></script>
  4. Initialize an instance of Whitewater().

Note: To play videos, they must first be encoded with Whitewater Encoder.

Initializing Videos

var video = new Whitewater(canvas, source [, options]);


<canvas id="video"></canvas>

    var canvas = document.getElementById('video');
    var source = 'path/to/video/';
    var options = {
        autoplay: true,
        loop: true,
        controls: true
    var video = new Whitewater(canvas, source, options);

→ Initialization options and usage details can be found in the Player Documentation.


An encoding system for playing inline videos on the mobile web.




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