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Latest commit d465e02 @samikeijonen Version to 0.2.2
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css Add z-index to flexslider arrows.
docs Small typos and added.
images Add default slider image and respond.js
includes Add _x for translations.
js Use Fitvids in #main area, not just #content. That's makes video in s…
languages Update translations files.
library @ 4883884 Hybrid Core updated.
page-templates Update page template name.
.gitmodules Commit submodule Hybrid Core.
404.php Some markup changes.
attachment-image.php Some changes to attachment-image.php template.
changelog.txt Update changelog.
comment.php Commit all files.
comments.php Some markup changes.
content-aside.php Some markup changes.
content-audio.php Some markup changes.
content-chat.php Remove line do_shortcode( '[gallery numberposts="3" orderby="rand"]' );
content-gallery.php Some markup changes.
content-image.php Some markup changes.
content-link.php Use hybrid_get_the_post_format_url() function.
content-page.php Some markup changes.
content-quote.php Some markup changes.
content-status.php Some markup changes.
content-video.php Some markup changes.
content.php Lot's of small changes in slider page template and in thumbnails sizes.
footer.php attachment-image.php template added.
functions.php Add video support in slider.
header.php Use labels for browse text.
index.php Flexslider added.
loop-meta.php Remove p tag.
loop-nav.php Add meta-nav class.
menu-primary.php Some markup changes.
menu-secondary-mobile.php Some markup changes.
menu-secondary.php Some markup changes.
menu-subsidiary.php Some markup changes.
screenshot.png Screenshot.png and changelog.txt added. Some small typos fixed.
searchform.php Commit all files.
sidebar-after-singular.php Hooks added.
sidebar-before-content.php Hooks added.
sidebar-primary.php Commit all files.
sidebar-secondary.php Commit all files.
sidebar-subsidiary.php Hooks added.
sticky-slider.php Add video support in slider.
style.css Version to 0.2.2
style.min.css Those arrrows again!
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