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msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Path\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-08-07 10:22+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-09-02 10:43+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Sami Keijonen <>\n"
"Language-Team: Foxnet <>\n"
"Language: fi\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Poedit-KeywordsList: _;gettext;gettext_noop;__;_e;_x;esc_attr__;esc_attr_e;"
"X-Poedit-Basepath: ../\n"
"X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .\n"
#: 404.php:27
msgid "What happened!?"
msgstr "Mitä tapahtui?"
#: 404.php:33
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You tried going to %s, which doesn't exist. You can try navigate or search."
msgstr ""
"Yritit vissiin mennä osoitteeseen %s, mutta et onnistunut. Kokeile navigoida "
"tai etsiä."
#: 404.php:39
msgid "Or here are the latest posts, hope it helps."
msgstr "Tai jos uusimmista artikkeleista löytyy etsimäsi."
#: attachment-image.php:41 content-video.php:37 page-templates/archives.php:40
#: page-templates/tag-cloud.php:40
msgid "Continue reading <span class=\"meta-nav\">&rarr;</span>"
msgstr "Lue lisää <span class=\"meta-nav\">&rarr;</span>"
#: attachment-image.php:42 content-aside.php:27 content-aside.php:38
#: content-audio.php:27 content-audio.php:38 content-gallery.php:27
#: content-gallery.php:44 content-image.php:27 content-image.php:38
#: content-link.php:27 content-link.php:48 content-page.php:26
#: content-page.php:43 content-quote.php:20 content-status.php:22
#: content-video.php:27 content-video.php:38 content.php:27 content.php:45
#: page-templates/archives.php:68
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-comments.php:58
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-month.php:61
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-year.php:60
#: page-templates/most-popular-last-30-days.php:62
#: page-templates/most-popular.php:59 page-templates/path-slider.php:56
#: page-templates/tag-cloud.php:46
msgid "Pages:"
msgstr "Sivut:"
#: attachment-image.php:47
msgid "Published on [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before=\"| \"]"
msgstr "Julkaistu [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before=\"| \"]"
#: attachment-image.php:62
msgid "Gallery"
msgstr "Kuvagalleria"
#: comment.php:31
msgid "Your comment is awaiting moderation."
msgstr "Kommenttisi odottaa moderointia."
#: comments.php:26
msgid "No Responses"
msgstr "Ei kommentteja"
#: comments.php:26
msgid "One Response"
msgstr "Yksi kommentti"
#: comments.php:26
msgid "% Responses"
msgstr "% Kommenttia"
#: comments.php:31
#, php-format
msgid "Page %1$s of %2$s"
msgstr "Sivu %1$s / %2$s"
#: comments.php:49
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Comments are closed, but <a href=\"%s\" title=\"Trackback URL for this post"
"\">trackbacks</a> and pingbacks are open."
msgstr ""
"Kommentointi on suljettu, mutta <a href=\"%s\" title=\"Trackback URL for "
"this post\">paluuviitteet</a> ja päivitysilmoitukset ovat sallittuja."
#: comments.php:55
msgid "Comments are closed."
msgstr "Kommentointi on suljettu."
#: content-aside.php:22
msgid ""
"[post-format-link] published on [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before="
"\"| \"]"
msgstr ""
"[post-format-link] julkaistu [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before=\"| "
#: content-aside.php:31 content-audio.php:31 content-gallery.php:31
#: content-image.php:31 content-link.php:31 content-video.php:31
#: content.php:31
msgid ""
"[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Posted in \"] [entry-terms "
"before=\"Tagged \"]"
msgstr ""
"[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Artikkeli kategoriassa \"] "
"[entry-terms before=\"Avainsanat \"]"
#: content-aside.php:42 content-audio.php:42 content-gallery.php:48
#: content-image.php:42 content-link.php:54 content-quote.php:27
#: content-video.php:42
msgid ""
"[post-format-link] published on [entry-published] [entry-permalink before="
"\"| \"] [entry-comments-link before=\"| \"] [entry-edit-link before=\"| \"]"
msgstr ""
"[post-format-link] julkaistu [entry-published] [entry-permalink before=\"| "
"\"] [entry-comments-link before=\"| \"] [entry-edit-link before=\"| \"]"
#: content-audio.php:22 content-gallery.php:22 content-image.php:22
#: content-link.php:22 content-video.php:22
msgid ""
"[post-format-link] published on [entry-published] [entry-comments-link "
"before=\" | \"] [entry-edit-link before=\" | \"]"
msgstr ""
"[post-format-link] julkaistu [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before="
"\" | \"] [entry-edit-link before=\" | \"]"
#: content-quote.php:25
msgid ""
"[post-format-link] published on [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before="
"\"| \"]<br />[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Posted in \"] "
"[entry-terms before=\"Tagged \"]"
msgstr ""
"[post-format-link] julkaistu [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before=\"| "
"\"]<br />[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Artikkeli kategoriassa "
"\"] [entry-terms before=\"Avainsanat \"]"
#: content-status.php:27
msgid ""
"[post-format-link] updated on [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before=\"| "
"\"]<br />[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Posted in \"] [entry-"
"terms before=\"Tagged \"]"
msgstr ""
"[post-format-link] päivitetty [entry-published] [entry-edit-link before=\"| "
"\"]<br />[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Artikkeli kategoriassa "
"\"] [entry-terms before=\"Avainsanat \"]"
#: content-status.php:29
msgid ""
"[post-format-link] updated on [entry-published] [entry-permalink before=\"| "
"\"] [entry-comments-link before=\"| \"] [entry-edit-link before=\"| \"]"
msgstr ""
"[post-format-link] päivitetty [entry-published] [entry-permalink before=\"| "
"\"] [entry-comments-link before=\"| \"] [entry-edit-link before=\"| \"]"
#: content.php:22 content.php:40 sticky-slider.php:45
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-comments.php:53
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-month.php:56
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-year.php:55
#: page-templates/most-popular-last-30-days.php:57
#: page-templates/most-popular.php:54 page-templates/path-slider.php:60
#: page-templates/path-slider.php:110
msgid ""
"Published by [entry-author] on [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before="
"\" | \"] [entry-edit-link before=\" | \"]"
msgstr ""
"[entry-author] [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before=\" | \"] "
"[entry-edit-link before=\" | \"]"
#: content.php:49
msgid ""
"[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Posted in \"] [entry-terms "
"before=\"| Tagged \"]"
msgstr ""
"[entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Artikkeli kategoriassa \"] "
"[entry-terms before=\"| Avainsanat \"]"
#: functions.php:315
msgid "Copyright &#169; [the-year] [site-link]."
msgstr "Copyright &#169; [the-year] [site-link]."
#: functions.php:315
msgid "Powered by [wp-link] and [theme-link]."
msgstr "Alustana [wp-link] ja [theme-link]."
#: functions.php:315
msgid " <a class=\"top\" href=\"#container\">Back to Top</a>"
msgstr " <a class=\"top\" href=\"#container\">Takaisin ylös</a>"
#: functions.php:326
msgid "Please comment with your real name using good manners."
msgstr "Ole hyvä ja kommentoi omalla nimellä hyvien tapojen mukaisesti."
#: functions.php:337
msgid "Read more &rarr;"
msgstr "Lue lisää &rarr;"
#: functions.php:373
msgid "Twitter Username"
msgstr "Twitter käyttäjänimi"
#: functions.php:392
msgid "Author of the article"
msgstr "Artikkelin kirjoittaja"
#: functions.php:392
msgid "Authors of the article"
msgstr "Artikkelin kirjoittajat"
#: functions.php:409 functions.php:430 functions.php:450
#, php-format
msgid "Follow %1$s %2$s &#64;%3$s on Twitter."
msgstr "Seuraa %1$s %2$s &#64;%3$s Twitterissä."
#: functions.php:440
msgid "Article written by [entry-author]"
msgstr "Artikkelin kirjoittaja [entry-author]"
#: functions.php:470
msgid "and"
msgstr "ja"
#: functions.php:471
msgid ""
" [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before=\" | \"] [entry-edit-link "
"before=\" | \"]"
msgstr ""
" [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before=\" | \"] [entry-edit-link "
"before=\" | \"]"
#: functions.php:518
msgid "Customize"
msgstr "Kustomoi"
#: functions.php:539 admin/functions-admin.php:56
msgid "Layout"
msgstr "Ulkoasu"
#: functions.php:566 admin/functions-admin.php:118
msgid "Global Layout:"
msgstr "Sivuston ulkoasu:"
#: header.php:90
msgid "You are here:"
msgstr "Olet täällä:"
#: header.php:90
msgid "&#8764;"
msgstr "&#8764;"
#: loop-error.php:16
msgid "Apologies, but no entries were found."
msgstr "Pahoittelut mutta yhtään artikkelia tai sivua ei löytynyt."
#: loop-meta.php:86
#, php-format
msgid "You are browsing the search results for \"%s\""
msgstr "Hakutulokset haulla \"%s\""
#: loop-meta.php:95
msgid "Archives by date"
msgstr "Arkisto ajan mukaan"
#: loop-meta.php:99
msgid "You are browsing the site archives by date."
msgstr "Selaat päiväkohtaista arkistoa."
#: loop-meta.php:123
msgid "Archives"
msgstr "Arkisto"
#: loop-meta.php:127
msgid "You are browsing the site archives."
msgstr "Selaat arkistoa."
#: loop-meta.php:137
msgid "Most popular"
msgstr "Luetuimmat"
#: loop-meta.php:141
msgid "You are browsing all time most viewed articles."
msgstr "Luetuimmat artikkelit."
#: loop-meta.php:151
msgid "Most popular by year"
msgstr "Luetuimmat artikkelit tänä vuonna"
#: loop-meta.php:155
#, php-format
msgid "You are browsing most viewed articles in the current year %d."
msgstr "Luetuimmat artikkelit vuonna %d."
#: loop-meta.php:165
msgid "Most popular by month"
msgstr "Kuukauden luetuimmat"
#: loop-meta.php:169
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You are browsing most viewed articles in current month (%1$s) and year "
msgstr "Luetuimmat artikkelit tässä kuussa (%1$s) ja tänä vuonna (%2$s)."
#: loop-meta.php:179
msgid "Most popular by comments"
msgstr "Kommentoiduimmat"
#: loop-meta.php:183
msgid "You are browsing most viewed articles by comments."
msgstr "Kommentoiduimmat artikkelit."
#: loop-meta.php:193
msgid "Most popular articles in the last 30 days"
msgstr "Luetuimmat artikkelit viimeisen 30 päivän ajalta"
#: loop-meta.php:197
msgid "You are browsing most viewed articles in the last 30 days."
msgstr "Luetuimmat artikkelit viimeisen 30 päivän ajalta."
#: loop-nav.php:17
msgid "<span class=\"meta-nav\">&larr;</span> Return to entry"
msgstr "<span class=\"meta-nav\">&larr;</span> Palaa takaisin"
#: loop-nav.php:23 loop-nav.php:27 loop-nav.php:29
msgid "<span class=\"meta-nav\">&larr;</span> Previous"
msgstr "<span class=\"meta-nav\">&larr;</span> Edellinen"
#: loop-nav.php:24 loop-nav.php:27
msgid "Next <span class=\"meta-nav\">&rarr;</span>"
msgstr "Seuraava <span class=\"meta-nav\">&rarr;</span>"
#: loop-nav.php:29
msgid "Next &rarr;"
msgstr "Seuraava &rarr;"
#: menu-primary-mobile.php:24 menu-primary.php:20
msgid "Primary Menu"
msgstr "Päävalikko"
#: menu-primary.php:20
msgid "Primary Mobile Menu"
msgstr "Päävalikko"
#: menu-primary.php:22 searchform.php:16 searchform.php:17
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Etsi"
#: menu-secondary-mobile.php:22 menu-secondary.php:20
msgid "Secondary Menu"
msgstr "Toinen valikko"
#: menu-secondary.php:20
msgid "Secondary Mobile Menu"
msgstr "Toinen valikko"
#: admin/functions-admin.php:36
msgid "Logo Upload"
msgstr "Logon lataaminen"
#: admin/functions-admin.php:46
msgid "Background"
msgstr "Taustakuva"
#: admin/functions-admin.php:74
msgid "Custom logo:"
msgstr "Logo:"
#: admin/functions-admin.php:77
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Want to replace or remove default logo? <a href=\"%s\">Go to Appearance &gt;"
"&gt; Header</a>. "
msgstr ""
"Haluatko vaihtaa tai poistaa oletuslogon? <a href=\"%s\">Mene kohtaan "
"ulkoasu &gt;&gt; Otsake</a>. "
#: admin/functions-admin.php:94
msgid "Custom background:"
msgstr "Taustakuva:"
#: admin/functions-admin.php:97
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Want to replace or remove default background? <a href=\"%s\">Go to "
"Appearance &gt;&gt; Background</a>. "
msgstr ""
"Haluatko vaihtaa tai poistaa alkuperäisen taustankuvan? <a href=\"%s\">Mene "
"kohtaan Ulkoasu &gt;&gt; Tausta</a>. "
#: admin/functions-admin.php:128
msgid ""
"Set the layout for the entire site. The default layout is 2 columns with "
"content on the left. You can overwrite this value in individual post or "
"page. Note! Three column layouts will only work if you use Primary and "
"Secondary Widget areas and browser window is wide enough."
msgstr ""
"Aseta sivuston ulkoasu. Oletus on kaksi saraketta, missä sisältö on "
"vasemmalla. Yksittäisen artikkelin kohdalla voit muuttaa tätä asetusta. "
"Huom! Kolmen sarakkeen ulkoasu toimii vain, jos käytössä on sekä ensi -että "
"toissijainen vimpainalue ja näytön resoluutio on riittävän leveä."
#: page-templates/archives.php:44
#, php-format
msgid "There are %1$s posts published."
msgstr "Tähän mennessä on julkaistu %1$s artikkelia."
#: page-templates/archives.php:50
msgid "Archives by category"
msgstr "Kategoria-arkisto"
#: page-templates/archives.php:54
msgid "RSS"
msgstr "RSS"
#: page-templates/archives.php:58
msgid "Archives by month"
msgstr "Kuukausittainen arkisto"
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-comments.php:62
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-month.php:65
#: page-templates/most-popular-by-year.php:64
#: page-templates/most-popular-last-30-days.php:66
#: page-templates/most-popular.php:63
msgid ""
"Views [entry-views] [entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Posted in "
"\"] [entry-terms before=\"Tagged \"]"
msgstr ""
"Luettu [entry-views] [entry-terms taxonomy=\"category\" before=\"Artikkeli "
"kategoriassa \"] [entry-terms before=\"Avainsanat \"]"
#: page-templates/path-slider.php:85
msgid "More Articles"
msgstr "Lisää artikkeleita"
#~ msgid "Default"
#~ msgstr "Oletus"
#~ msgid "One Column"
#~ msgstr "Yksi sarake"
#~ msgid "Two Columns, Left"
#~ msgstr "Kaksi saraketta, sisältö vasemmalla"
#~ msgid "Two Columns, Right"
#~ msgstr "Kaksi saraketta, sisältö oikealla"
#~ msgid "Three Columns, Left"
#~ msgstr "Kolme saraketta, sisältö vasemmalla"
#~ msgid "Three Columns, Right"
#~ msgstr "Kolme saraketta, sisältö oikealla"
#~ msgid "Three Columns, Center"
#~ msgstr "Kolme saraketta, sisältö keskellä"
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