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Adding gitignores is now super simple

A simple commandline tool to pull gitignores from

This way all you ever have to do is.

$ git init

$ ignore ruby

$ ignore osx

$ ignore vim

Boom you are ready to go!

With a new git repo and curated gitignores for Ruby, OSX and Vim.

Similar to what you see when you make a new repo through Githubs online interface

See for a full list of all the supported languages


Its the easiest way to fetch gitignores

I got irritated making repos then manually fetching gitignores. So I made this.

How to Install?

> gem install ignore
> ignore update

What Does It Do?

1. Add simple gitignores in one line

$ ignore ruby

This is will add github's ruby gitignore to a new or existing .gitignore in your current directory

2. Easy updates to sync with

ignore update

3. You can add your own gitignores to your ~/.ignores directory

cp .gitignore ~/.ignores/custom.gitignore

(Just make sure the file is in the ~/.ignores folder and ends with .gitignore)

4. Show you contents of a gitignore

ignore show ruby

5. List all the possible gitignores available

ignore list

6. Even comes with zsh autocompletion

just copy the zsh autocomplete function to wherever your autocomplete functions go (it depends on your config)


Command What it Does
list Shows you all the gitignores in ~/.ignores directory
update Updates to sync with github
show <language> Prints contents of gitignore, best used with less command
<language> Autogenerates or appends to current directory gitignore the specified languages .gitignore
clean Empties your local ~/.ignores folder
help Shows you pretty much same table

Make it Better

Heres the todo list, these are features that make it easier to use, but I havent got around to it yet

  • Autoupdate
  • better docs
  • bash Autocompletion
  • Custom remotes for your own gitignores (see the lib/ignore/storage.rb for this)

If you want to help - just fork, push and pull request!

Make issues for bugs or contact @bazooka_sam