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A lightweight Python GraphQL client.
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kirjava is a Python GraphQL client.


>>> import kirjava
>>> client = kirjava.Client("")
>>> client.execute("""{ me { name email }}""")
{'data': {'me': {'name': 'Jon Snow', 'email': ''}}}



kirjava can be installed using pip:

$ pip3 install kirjava

kirjava is written for Python 3, and does not support Python 2.

If you get permission errors, try using sudo:

$ sudo pip3 install kirjava


The repository for kirjava, containing the most recent iteration, can be found here. To clone the kirjava repository directly from there, use:

$ git clone git://


kirjava requires requests.


kirjava is a lightweight Python GraphQL client.

Making Queries with a Client

GraphQL services are interacted with using a Client object:

>>> import kirjava
>>> client = kirjava.Client("")

The client is associated with a particular URL upon creation.

Queries are then made using the execute method.

>>> client.execute("{ me { name email }}")
{'data': {'me': {'name': 'Jon Snow', 'email': ''}}}

If authentication tokens need to be added, they can be inserted into the headers:

>>> client.headers["Authorization"] = "dani123"

Variables can be passed along with the query:

>>> client.execute("{ me { name email }}", variables={"var1": 123})

You can see all previous queries made by a client:

>>> client.history
(({'string': { me { name email }}, 'variables': {'var1': 123}, {'data': {'me
': {'name': 'Jon Snow', 'email': ''}}}), ({'string': {
me { name email }}, 'variables': {}}, {'data': {'me': {'name': 'Jon Snow', '
email': ''}}}))

Making Queries without a Client

Alternatively, if creating a dedicated Client object is somehow beneath you, and you just want to fire off a quick request without any of that overhead, there is a module level execute function:

>>> kirjava.execute("", "{ me { name email }}", headers={"Authorization": "dani123"}, variables={"var1": 123})


Release 0.1.2

1 April 2019

  • Added module-level execute function.

Release 0.1.1

30 March 2019

  • Added tests.
  • Clients now store history of their queries.

Release 0.1.0

23 March 2019

  • Created basic Client.
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