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Command Line Program for iOS.
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Command Line Program for iOS is a command line program for iOS. It's not a shell but a collection of various commands using the greatest user interface of all time: the command-line interface.

Command Line Program is available at App Store.

A blog post about this:


Contributors welcome!

Do you have a comment/feedback/etc. or a wish for a command? See and open an issue or a pull request.

3rd party

Without many great open source libraries, Command Line Program would not exist. Thank You to them all!


Following commands have been implemented:

  • Premium, Info about Premium features.
  • apod, Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA.
    • date <yyyy-mm-dd>, Astronomy Picture of the given Day.
    • random, Random Astronomy Picture of the Day.
    • today, Astronomy Picture of the Day.
  • ascii, ASCII and extended ASCII, chars 0 - 255.
    • chr <str or chr>, ASCII code of character(s) or string.
    • code <dec or hex>, Character from the code(s).
    • control, Control characters.
    • ext, Extended ASCII characters.
    • print, Printable characters.
  • cls, Clear console screen.
  • cowsay, Cow says.
    • text <text>, Text for cow to say.
  • curl, Get URL content (text/plain & application/json).
    • get <url> [LATLON || LL], GET request URL, LATLON or LL adds lat,lon params.
  • help, List of available commands.
  • httpheaders, Retrieve and list HTTP headers.
    • url <>, Web site address.
  • info, Information about this program.
    • 3rdparty, Show 3rd party lib info.
  • location, Current location.
    • nearby <query>, Find nearby <query>.
    • reverse, Current location address.
  • menu, Add/delete custom command to/from menu.
    • add <menu name> <command>, Add new item to menu.
    • del <menu name>, Delete item from menu.
  • network, Device network info.
  • proverb, Collection of proverbs around the globe.
    • cowsay, Random proverb by the cow.
    • random, Random proverb.
    • rev, Random proverb, but reversed.
    • revsay [locale], Speak reversed proverb.
    • say [locale], Speak proverb.
  • pwd, Generate random passwords.
    • length <length>, Password length.
    • symbols <length>, Password with symbols.
  • quakes, Show latest earthquakes.
    • dist, Order by distance from here.
    • mag, Order by magnitude.
  • quote, Collection of various quotes.
    • cowsay, Random quote by the cow.
    • random, Random quote.
    • rev, Random quote, but reversed.
    • revsay [locale], Speak reversed quote.
    • say [locale], Speak quote.
  • roman, Roman numeral converter and calculator.
    • ToInt <Roman number>, Convert Roman number to integer.
    • ToRoman <Integer>, Convert integer to Roman number.
    • add <2+ Roman numbers>, Add Roman numbers
    • div <2 Roman numbers>, Divide two Roman numbers
    • mul <2+ Roman numbers>, Multiply Roman numbers
    • sub <2 Roman numbers>, Subtract two Roman numbers
  • rss, Read RSS feeds.
    • all <no param>, Read all Settings-page RSS feeds.
    • feed <url>, RSS feed URL.
    • index <index>, Read RSS feed of index.
    • list <no param>, List RSS feeds (set them in Settings-page).
  • sun, Sunrise/sunset time in current location.
  • system, Show various system info.
    • battery, Show battery info.
    • disk, Show disk info.
    • hardware, Show hardware info.
    • locale, Show locale info.
    • screen, Show screen info.
  • tweet, Send and search tweets.
    • apod, Tweet last shown APOD.
    • msg <any text>, Tweet any text.
    • proverb, Tweet last shown proverb.
    • quote, Tweet last shown quote.
    • search <any text>, Search tweets.
  • uname, Generate random usernames.
    • format <format>, Format: C=cons., V=vow., N=nr, +=space.

Note that some of the features require purchase of Premium features.

Other stuff

Here in GitHub:


And if you are into scifi, see stories from the Strangers' Universe:

Stories are available at Smashwords and other retailers including Apple iBooks.

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