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New version of my personal site.
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Version 5.0

I got fed up with how laborious it was to post new photos to my website. I had to write things and I'm lazy. I've removed all the fluff and made the whole process of adding new photos easier—I've essentially made a Node built static site version of tumblr…

The Process is a "static site" that gets generated purely by images and their associated meta data. I'll outline the build process below:

  1. lib/get-image-list.js reads all the image files inside images/.
  2. It picks certain bits of meta data for each image, along with resizing the image into different formats to optimised_images/.
  3. It generates a JSON object as a way of caching what images have already been processed as it's quite computationally expensive.
  4. lib/get-site-data.js gets passed the data from lib/get-image-data.js and generates new data for different pages e.g. groups of images by keyword to create a tags directory.
  5. It too saves it's output as a JSON file as a way of caching.
  6. Finally, build.js gets this big site list and goes off to render the correct templates at the right urls.
  7. Once the pages are rendered, then it's just a case of building and copying all static files to the final build/ directory.


  • Design the thing
  • Build the front-end
  • Make it mobile
  • Simplify some of the build steps
  • Set up some kind of deployment script
  • Build static files in a better way so I can keep mtimes
  • Set up a better gzip process for S3
  • Write all the docs