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Sam Jacoby committed Aug 30, 2012
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title: The Awful German Language
summary: An essay on the trials and trevails of learning the language.
thumbnail: awful-1.jpg
+weight: 20
Learning German is hard. Twain got that like no other. This essay, originally an appendix in _The Tramps Abroad_, details his trials and trevails of trying to master _deutsch_, and was a great solace to me while attempting to do the same.
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title: Easter Week
summary: A new translation of Chekhov shorts with accompanying engravings.
thumbnail: easter-10.jpg
+weight: 100
Two Chekhov stories--"The Student," and "On Easter Eve"--in new translation--courtesty of [Michael Henry Heim]( These stories are two favorites of mine--and I even read [somewhere][1] that "The Student" was Chekhov's own favorite. It's a spectacular update on the standard [Constance Garnett]( translations. Handprinted on a Vandercook Universal I from mint Dante types. The paper was smuggled in from Germany.
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title: A Few Faces of Emil Rudolf Weiss
summary: "A Type Specimen"
thumbnail: few-faces-1.jpg
+weight: 50
I published this small specimen book in two editions, German and English. Weiß designed a number of handsome typefaces that are still in use today. The Weiß Lapidar that appears on the title page below is especially handsome.
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author: Paul Celan
title: A Reading for Group 47
-summary: "German with English translations of Celan's youthful poems."
+summary: A short collection of Celan's poetry in German & English.
thumbnail: celan-3.jpg
+weight: 90
{% filter markdown|typogrify %}
I first stumbled on "Todesfuge" while working in Nicaragau--and before I could read German. It was shocking, brutal, powerful. I read it in English, then in Spanish translation--parsing through the German as best I could. I've since learned German--or at least, learned German well enough to stumble through these.
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title: Sesquipedality
summary: "A small collection of difficult words."
thumbnail: sesquip-1.jpg
+weight: 60
A small collection of difficult words culled from a variety of eccentric dictionaries. Includes useful gems like _totipalmate_, meaning, web-toed.
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title: "Useful Words & Grammar"
summary: "A learner's guide to the German Language"
thumbnail: useful-1.jpg
+weight: 10
After filling a couple of legal pads with grammar notes, I composed and printed this compendium to tuck in my jacket pocket. It's rife with errors, but I've found it useful.
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author: Rudolf Koch
title: Wallau Broadside
summary: "A type specimen printed from Klingspor originals."
+weight: 15
This broadside was printed in Mainz, Germany, at the _Druckladen des Gutenberg Museums_. It's Rudolf Koch's Wallau, a _rundgotisch_ typeface, with elements of classic German blackletter and traditional roman capitals. Dan Reynolds has a whole lot more information [here](
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