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A growing selection in casually-alphatetical order:
-[Hal Ableson]( Teacher, Freedom Defender
+[Hal Ableson]( <span class="desc">Education, Freedom Defender</span></span>
-[David Brooks]( ) Taught me the [Tomasulo Algorithm](
+[David Brooks]( ) <span class="desc">Taught me the [Tomasulo Algorithm]( </span>
-[Bill Buxton]( Did your project in the 80s
+[Bill Buxton]( Did your project in the 80s</span>
-[Tim Berners-Lee]( ) WWW
+[Tim Berners-Lee]( ) <span class="desc"> WWW</span>
-[Vint Cerf]({{ macros.render_footnote("cerf-1", "†") }} The Internet. For real.
+[Vint Cerf]( {{ macros.render_footnote("cerf-1", "†") }} <span class="desc">Internet</span>
-[Brian Kernighan]( C
+[Corrado Böhm]( <span class="desc">metacircular evaluation never looked so good</span>
-[Donald Knuth]( ) Couple of big books
+[Brian Kernighan]( <span class="desc"> C </span>
-[Normal Ramsey]( Luxuriant Hair
+[Donald Knuth]( ) <span class="desc"> Couple of big books</span>
-[Dennis Ritchie]( C *in memorium*
+[Normal Ramsey]( <span class="desc"> Luxuriant Hair</span>
-[Guido van Russum]( ) Python
+[Dennis Ritchie]( <span class="desc"> C *in memorium*</span>
-[Richard Stallman]( ) GNU, Freedom
+[Guido van Russum]( ) <span class="desc"> Python</span>
-[Bjarne Stroustrup]( ) C++
+[Richard Stallman]( ) <span class="desc"> GNU, Freedom</span>
-[Ken Thompson]( UNIX, B, Go
+[Bjarne Stroustrup]( ) <span class="desc"> C++</span>
+[Ken Thompson]( <span class="desc"> UNIX, B, Go</span>
Got others? Drop me a note:
-{{ macros.render_footnote("cerf-1", "†", "OK, not his. But still amazing.") }}
+{{ macros.render_footnote("cerf-1", "†", "OK, not his. But still amazing.") }}

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